Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A quick view of nimbits

Nimbits is a free, social data logging service. It provides web services to feed and store time series data (such as a changing temperature) into "Data Points" online. As your data is fed up into Nimbits you'll be able to use its many online data processing services, perform calculations, and receive alerts. You can also pull your data down into any connected system. Today, as values are recorded into Nimbits users see their changes in Spreadsheets, Visio Diagrams, on Facebook, IM, or using our free windows desktop interface. Software developers also use our free and open source SDK to write their own interfaces to the Nimbits Engine. There is even an app on the Android Phone Marketplace to view and enter data.

We're adding to Nimbits every day. Please consider following this blog, becoming a fan on Facebook, or joining our discussion forum so we can keep you up to date on changes to the system.

Here is a sample screen showing the main view of nimbits. It shows a category i made on my account called "Aquarium" and a Data point called TempF. I'm feeding a temperature reading from a temp probe connected to USB port on my computer.

I show how to do this on this blog posting. Using .Net and A windows Program.

In Another Blog Posting here, I do the same thing using Java and Linux.

When your data is fed into a Data Point hosted on the cloud, you can monitor your changes using the web portal, our Android Phone Interface, Spreadsheets, Visio Diagrams, our Desktop Client or any software you develop yourself using our SDK or the REST Web Services.

Here, a google visualization API time series chart just like a google financial page! You can zoom and analyse your data just as easily.  You can also set GPS Coordinates for data points and see your changes on Google earth.

The Blue line shows the temperature in degrees F being stored in a data point called TempF. I'm also performing a calculation on TempF each time it's written to.

After creating a new point called TempC we then click on the TempF point in the navigation tree and set a calculation. The Calculation is executed each time the Trigger (TempF) is written to. The formula is executed using the X Point (TempF again - usually the trigger is also the x variable) and the result is fed into the target point (TempC)

I also want an alarm on TempF. This will send me an email from the Nimbits system if a values is ever written that is greater than or equal to 90 degrees.

Lastly, lets set our properties on TempF.

Data compression means only new values written outside this value will actually be recored. I'm writing to nimbits every second so with compression of .5 - repeated writes of 80.0 will be ignored. As will 79.6 or 80.2 etc. 80.6 will be recorded.

Keep your data clean by setting experiation dates - if you don't care what a Temp was last month, then set data to be permenatly deleted if it's older than 30 days like i do here.

If you want to share your data point with other people or applications without giving out your SOA Key, make it public. I do here, so anyone can read this value via this URL:


(If you do click on this link, take a look at the resulting page source, you should just see one value returned, no XML)

Just the point name and owner email is enough if the point is public. Anyone can get this value to read into an excel spreadsheet, google spreadsheet or whatever. Click the link above - provided my Temp Probe is running you should see the current value.

You can also see here the options to have new values posted to your Facebook Wall or to send you an Instant Message.

Thanks again for using nimbits!