Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nimbits Data Acquisition Studio

The Nimbits Software System consists of three main interfaces:

The Portal app.nimbits.com runs on Google's App Engine and is the main interface to the Nimbits System. It is where you want to get your account setup, manage your points and categories, setup calculations, alerts compression etc. 

There is also an app you can run on your Android Based Phone. Search the Google app store for Nimbits and you can install the free App that lets you log new values and see changes in your points. Learn more here.

The third piece is a nice desktop app called Nimbits Data Acquisition Studio. This runs on Windows PC's and allows you to create points, categories, log values and see charts of your data points. It also comes with a free SDK which is a .net 3.5 dll you can use to develop your own software that can pull data from your data points.

You can download Nimbits Data Acquisition Studio for free from CNET:

Get it from CNET Download.com!

This Screen shot shows Nimbits Data Acquisition Studio after i have logged in with my gmail account using the Google menu and double clicked on my Aquarium Category. (Click on the Image to expand).

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