Thursday, February 25, 2010

Create a Visio Diagram with Nimbits Data

In this Blog Posting:  Connecting Spreadsheets to Nimbits  I show you how to pull values you are feeing into Nimbits Data Points into an Excel Spreadsheet where you can then create charts, do calcs or any excel function on your current values.

You can very simply take this a step further by including spreadsheet data in a Visio Diagram.  I'm doing this with Visio 2007 Pro - i believe you need a Pro edition of Visio to import data.

Simply Launch Visio 2007 and Create a new Drawing. Select the Data Menu and choose "Link Shapes To Data." Then choose to link to the Microsoft Excel Workbook that you previously set up to use your Nimbits data

Follow the menus to select the rows and columns you are interested in in your workbook. These can be the cells pulling your nimbits data or any other cells that may be performing functions with your data.

You should then have a a screen similar to this. This shows my temp probe:

Now, let's put the value in a shape.  Put any shape you like on the diagram - i'm going to use a thermometer shape. You can then just drag the value you want to assign to your shape onto the graphic, and format it any way you like.  

That's it! You can now create very complex diagrams that will show your changing nimbits data point values

You can read more about Visio and Excel integration here:

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