Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nimbits on Facebook

Nimbits is now the only data logging service that integrates with the Facebook Graph platform!  You can add Nimbits Data logging to your Facebook profile by following this link:

When you log into you can go to a data points property page and either configure the point to post any newly recorded value to your Facebook wall or post alerts (when the value exceeds your high or low setting.  Of course, be careful. You will probably annoy your friends if you post second by second readings to your wall.

In order to use the Facebook functionality, you must add the Nimbits Facebook app to your profile. Just visit   and allow Nimbits access to your profile. Just note that if you are also using Nimbits with your Google account, the Facebook email account you use must match. Nimbits matches your existing email with the Facebook account. Otherwise, Nimbits will register you as a new user under the Facebook email address it found.

Here is an example of a Facebook wall post when my temperature probe read in a new value


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