Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chat with your Nimbits Data Points over IM

You can chat with your Nimbits data over any XMPP compatible instant messenger client, And there are a lot of them! Chances are, the IM client on your phone, desktop or browser can talk to a Nimbits Server.

Using IM, you can create points, get current values, record values and list points just like a command prompt at a terminal.

To get started, log into your Nimbits Server - if you are using the public server, just log into Click the "Request IM Invite" button on the top menu, and then check your IM client. You should get a request authorize the Nimbits Server to send you instant messages.

From there, you can send an IM to Nimbits with the following commands

  • ?  - Help - list these commands
  • c foo - create a new data point called foo
  • foo=42 - set the current value of foo to 42
  • foo=bar - set the current text value of foo to bar
  • ls - list all points and categories
  • foo?  get the current value of foo.

Your chat session may look like this:

After you authorise Nimbits to send you instant messages, you can also configure a data point to send you an alarm using IM, or just send you an IM any time a point gets a new value.

To set this up,  log into Nimbits and double click on a point, you can select the Point Properties menu to configure that data point.  You can then check off the box to receive an instant message from Nimbits any time that point records a new value or, under the alarms tab, get an IM if the value is above or below a limit you set.

Then, when a new value comes into that data point from anywhere, you'll get an IM from Nimbits.


  1. Very cool! I now have the Nimbits public server and an my own app engine that I am using. Is there a way to switch the IM from the public server to my own app engine? I appear to be getting the data from the public server instead of my app engine.


  2. Hi Jim, thanks for using nimbits. If you log into your own instance and click the authorize IM button you should get an invite to chart with - after that, you can chat with the points in your instance.