Friday, December 17, 2010

[Data Out] Data Logging output on Twitter

You can configure a Nimbits time series data point to send a tweet on your twitter account each time it is written to or when it is in an alarm state.  This means that any changing time series value you are recording into Nimbits (be it through a web service call, the API, on your phone etc) the new value will get broadcast through your twitter account.

Since tweets add a hash # flag to your point name, it's easy to see all of that point's tweets just by clicking on it. You can also view #Nimbits to see everyone else's tweets!

To do this, just log into and click on the "Enable Twitter" menu option on the top. This will direct you to where Nimbits is a registered application. Log into Nimbits and authorize the app to post to your twitter account. You'll then be directed back to the Nimbits Portal and you'll be ready to go.

Double click on the point and select the properties menu where you'll see the options to enable tweeting whenever a value is recorded or when the point is in alarm. 

Record a new value and you'll see the message appear on your twitter feed! 

You can also have Nimbits Send you an instant message, post to facebook or email you as your data changes.

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