Thursday, July 29, 2010

[Date In] Logging Text Data

Throughout the Nimbits System we've added support for logging text and GPS data along with each value you record.  When you record a value to a data point, that value has a time stamp and numeric value. Such as a Temperature reading of 80 degrees at a specific moment in time. Now, each recorded value can also have a text based note and GPS location coordinates recorded with it.

Every day, when I go jogging, I stop at the end to record how far I jogged in Miles using Nimbits for Android. on my phone. With these new features I also can add some text such as where I was Jogging to produce a chart like this one on the Nimbits Portal:

I like to annoy my friends with this information, so I configured my data point to post new values to twitter and Facebook, producing a wall post like this the one below each time I record a value. Coincidently, my data point that tracks a servers backup time was also posted next to my jogging post, so i'm including that here too:

On my Phone, I'm capturing GPS Location coordinates. Those can be recorded to the data point as well, producing a display of point data on a map like this:

Nimbits is now a full featured GPS Data Logger for text and numeric data. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi.

    I just added the Nimbits app to Google Apps. I would like to test it with my data.

    Unfortunately I'm not a programmer. But I do own a (not so new) smartphone, and a lot of friends of mine have smartphones. Thus, a GPS Data Logger for smartphones (Android 2.1, please) would be an easy way to setup a test scenario.

    Please help.