Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[Data Out] Barcodes!

Every Nimbits Data Point has a unique identifier; a UUID.  If the data point is configured to be public (the default) anyone can load it's current values, GPS data, and charts using a URL in this format:


This makes it easy to share your data, post to your Facebook wall etc.

Clicking the above link will load my reef aquariums temperature that i'm recording onto the cloud through an Arduino device. (Learn how I do that here). Since this data point is public, you can click on that link above and view it's data.

The Data Point is hosted on the public Nimbits server (app.nimbits.com). If you are running your own Nimbits server, the url is just your app ID in place of my nimbits1.appspot.com.

Now that every data point can be references using that format, it is easy to convert the url into a QR Bar Code:

That Bar code is contains the same information as the url above, just presented in a different format.  If you were to take your smart phone that was capable of reading bard codes, such as an Android Phone with Google Goggles, and point it at your screen right now, you would be able to browse right to this data point. 

There are many uses for this feature, such as printing out stickers to attach to real world objects that are having values fed into a Nimbits data point. I am seriously considering getting a tattoo of some of my more personal data points (kidding....sort of)

To get the Barcode and UUID of any of your Data Points

1. Log into Nimbits by browsing to http://app.nimbits.com (or your installation of a Nimbits server most likely hosted on yourappid.appspot.com)

2. Double Click on a data point or category and then select that point from the point settings menu.

3. The Point properties screen will show you the bardcode and a link for viewing that data using the UUID

Anyone can see this screen and data using this url or barcode


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