Monday, November 1, 2010

[Data Out] Nimbits integrates into the Google Chart API

You can generate countless types of charts using the Google Chart API Service.  Check out the enormous options here:

Nimbits is deeply integrated into the Google Chart API.  Outside of Nimbits,  you can load a chart from the google api using a URL that contains the chart types, format and data. Like this:

You can even generate things like bar codes with your data like this (and much much more): 

As you feed time series data into a Nimbits Data Point, you can also call a web service with the same parameters you would feed into the Google Chart API. Instead of the data parameter cht=t:12,34,34 (for example) simply provide a point name and your Nimbits Authentication information, calling the Nimbits Service instead.

Nimbits will tack on the data from your points to the request you are making and deliver your chart as a PNG image. This means you can embed your Nimbits Data in a web page, document or anything that can load an image from a URL. 

Here is a sample URL for a line chart using the google api directly

If you load that URL in a browser you'll see: 

Notice the chd=t parameter. The Numbers next to it are the values that go into the chart. You can provide the same chart format parameters to the Nimbits chart service, but include a data point name and your credentials and you'll get the same chart but with live data from your Nimbits Data Point. 

Here is a live chart of the temperature of my aquarium that feeds into my TempF data point:

This really is the live feed from my aquarium right here in my blog! Check out how I do this using Arduino.  I set up the TempF point to be public, so everyone can see it. 

How this works: When you pass Google chart api parameters into the Nimbits service, Nimbits tacks on the chd:t parameter with your data point's values and then feeds you the chart you requested. The visualization possibilities are endless.


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