Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nimbits Android Update

We're excited to release a major upgrade to the Android Interface for Nimbits Data Logger. You can download the Nimbits Android App to your phone by visiting the Android Marketplace and searching for Nimbits or Data Logger.

Nimbits Server provides powerful data logging services for recording your time series data into Data Points stored on a global cloud computing infrastructure. The Nimbits Android App provides a window into your data allowing you to:

  • Create Data Points and Categories
  • View Charts and Snapshots.
  • View GPS data on maps.
  • Record New Values. 

Many developers are using our free and open source code to write their own interfaces to feed data from devices into Nimbits Data Points and then monitor those devices from Android.  If you still want to access your data but your phone isn't running Android, you can update and retrieve current values using most instant messenger clients.

Besides using a local database to improve performance, gesture recognition to fling between screens, the latest version has the following enhancements:

1. Switch between Nimbits Servers.  

There is a free, public server on you can use to create and manage data points and feed your low impact data into. If you want, you can also build your own Nimbits Server by downloading and installing the package from  If you are running your own Nimbits Server, the Android interface can be configured to use it instead. You can even jump between multiple servers. Please note that the latest version of the App requires Nimbits server 3.0.5 or higher.

 2. Alarm Flags

You can log into a Nimbits Server and set alarms for points. A point can be either high or low. Now, you can see points that are in an alarm state with a red (high) or blue (low) flag.  For example, these 5 Radon meters, with one over the safety limit.

3. Better Charts

Deep integration into the Google Chart API  means the sky is the limit on visualizing your data. We have some exciting new features on the drawing board that will allow you to customizes the way your points are displayed on your phone i.e bar, pie, scatter charts etc. In the meantime, here is one cool chart:

Also, the charts now auto-refresh every 10 seconds.

4. Hey, Developers

All communication between the Nimbits Server and the client code on the phone is done using the Nimbits4J.jar - which is published as open source software on

Nimbits4J is a Java library that simplifies Authenticating the Android App to Google, and calling the REST API. This just means I've done most of the work for you for writing the client apps to get recorded values, create points etc.  A Nimbits server can be coded against in any Language using the REST API services documented under featured downloads on the Nimbits Server Download Page.


  1. Hi,
    I installed the Nimbits app to a Galaxy S Android phone. I get the following exception:

    Nimbits uses google accounts to authenticate. Please add a account ( to this device.

    But I already had added a account to the phone. What is the point ?

    Where is the problem ?

  2. Hi GreenFox,

    The definitely shouldn't be happening. We tested this app on several android emulators and our phones and they authenticated OK - we'll check this out. I'm sure we'll find the problem and post an update soon that will let the app run on your phone.


  3. We just released an update that fixes a bug that causes some phones to lost their ability to authenticate (issues with expired tokens on the phone). That problem should be resolved with a new update from the app store.

    Thanks! - Ben

  4. No joy searching for Nimbits on Android market. Other options?

  5. Hi Busa

    The market will only show software that uses the same sdk version that is on your phone. Is your phone up to date with android 2.2? Try searching for "data logger"

  6. Ah that must be it...My Captivate is w/ Eclair. Can't the minimum be set to a lower level, say 7? If not then there is no hope for me as ATT prolly wont release Froyo anytime soon...if ever :(

  7. Hello, grat application, but How can I choose another gmail acocunt to use on myphone?

    I use 3 account on my phone but nimbits app choose itself the first. my nimbits account is with the 3rd account, so how can I force the app to let me choose the other?

    Thank you

  8. Hi, I have a new pixi 4 phone with Android 6, however in play store there is no sign of the nimbits app when I search for Nimbits, if I search for Data Logger then tens of apps come up but no nimbits, is there something else that I can try please as I would love to use it.