Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Newsletter

Back in April, we posted a new version of Nimbits that with the following new features:

·         Drag and Drop from the Data Point tree to the charts and grids
·         You can now re-organize your data points by dragging them around your Point Categories.  
·         We’ve removed limitation on the size of data trends you can request on the portal.
·         New Integration with Google Earth allows you to assign GPS Coordinates to your data points and see your changes on the Map
·         Subscribers can configure data points to Pull Data from a URL at a regular interval
·         Continuous improvements on Data compression and Performance.
·         We’ve flushed out some issues with the Android front end.  We recommend uninstalling the previous version and downloading the update. The new Android App is faster and more reliable.
·         We’re working on a user manual that is available now on our Open Source Repository :
o   The manual currently documents the various REST web services that developers can use to program against the Nimbits Platform.
·         Speaking of Open Source. We’re currently working towards making Nimbits an Open Source Project. The Source code for Data Acquisition Studio, the .Net 3.5 Nimbits SDK and the Android Interface are currently part of the Open Source Project under the MIT License.

Join Us

We’d really appreciate seeing you on our Facebook Fan Page. If you’d like to post feedback, get support or ask questions it would also be great to see you on the Nimbits News Group. Lastly, if you’d like to get updates on the tutorials and guides we post, it would be great if you would follow the Nimbits Blog.

What’s Next?

Here is what we’re working on for the upcoming versions of Nimbits

o    Nimbits is a social data logging service. The next version will allow you to “Friend” other data loggers and share data with each other.
o    A search engine that will allow you to find and friend other data loggers based on data point descriptions etc.
o    Tighter integration into Google Earth, GPS coordinates will be received from mobile phones
o    Integration with Facebook and Twitter
o    Command Line tools for Linux and windows powershell.
o    Arduino and Stamp support
o    Deep integration into Wolfram Alpha for data modeling
o    Instant Messaging Alerts to popular IM clients
If you have any questions about Nimbits or would like to see a new feature you can use, please just let me know!